My 1st ever Blog entry

Dear All,

Welcome to my first ever Blog. Not 100% sure where it is going to go, but I do know that it will be mainly concentrated around photography. I have not been into photography long, only 3 years since I got some money for my 50th birthday to buy my first Digital SLR. Since getting it I have been steadily trying to improve and expand my skill set.

I have not specialised in any particular genre and have covered / tried most forms of photography in the training courses I have attended. Though I am most interested in documentary and street photography. However I have invested in some studio lighting kit and would like to improve my portrait photography.

The trouble is I fit my photography and studies around full time work and family commitments. I do make time but it is never enough in my opinion, but then I am biased LOL.

I will endeavour to share my experiences as I continue and hopefully produce some half decent images. However I have never been a person to keep a diary or use social media (it has just never appealed to me), so blogging is something I will have to get to grips with fairly quickly.

All the best



One thought on “My 1st ever Blog entry

  1. Well, it looks OK so far, Perry! I too don’t have any experience of blogging , so I don’t know what is expected either. Good luck with BA!

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