Colour Management – Part 1

As mentioned in my last post I bought the Photospeed Panoramic paper test pack at the Calumet open open day last weekend. The pack offered free ICC printer profiling for the six types of paper in the test pack. These were:

PF Lustre 275

PF Gloss 270

Platinum Baryta 300

Photo Smooth Pearl 290

Platinum Etching 285

Smooth Cotton 300

In order to use these panoramic papers (210mm x 594mm) you need an A4 printer that is back fed, it will not work with duplex printers. My printer is a Canon Pixma IP8750, and I have found it capable of producing excellent prints. In order to get the best from the printer and these fine art papers I followed the printer paper profiling instructions provided with the Fotospeed Panoramic paper test pack.

However before starting I recalibrated my monitors using my Datacolor Spyder to ensure what I saw was what was printed. The instructions provided  by Fotospeed were fairly straight forward, but I took my time as I didn’t want to make any mistakes. You know what they say “rubbish in….rubbish out“. The end result was six prints of the profiling image chart ready to be sent off to Fotospeed to use a spectrophotometer to scan the charts and generate a set of ICC profiles.

Colour Management

The website says that they will email the papers ICC profiles back the same day that they receive them, which if it works is a very good service. I will post them off on Tuesday.

I now have to produce some panoramic images worthy of these papers. I have done a few in the past which are up on my Flickr page, but I would like to do much better.

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