Ask me who went on holiday with camera, associated lenses and tripod, then realised that the tripod quick release plate was back at home on his other camera…….what a wally…..never a truer word was spoken!

However technology and modern living to the rescue….ta da!

A quick search on iPad to find that the quick release plate was available on Amazon…bingo. Also available for next day delivery to Amazon locker at holiday site…awesome.

Thanks Amazon…a real lifesaver.

P.S. I had been meaning to get a second quick release plate……honest!


Wonderful bit of news

This week I received a wonderful bit of news. Back in June I took part in my 3rd Photo 24 in London, organised by Photography News and Nikon School. On Thurday afternoon I got a email telling me that my image “Millennium Reflection 3” was judged to be the winner of the Photo 24 2016 “Capital Reflections” Theme catagory.

Millennium Reflection 3

Millennium Reflection 3

To say I am pleased is an understatement, as I was against over 460 other great images. My image should appear in Photography News and I also get a Nikon Coolpix P900 superzoom bridge camera.

Photo 24 is a great and challenging event which I highly recomend anyone to enter the ballot when it is anounced next year.

Another Photo 24 done and dusted

Not long home from Photo 24 2016. This will be my third Photo 24 along with my friend from camera club Christine. The weather was mixed and on the whole reasonable. This years Photo 24 ran from 12:00 midday Friday 17th – 12:00 midday Saturday 18th June 2016. Over 100 keen and passionate photographers spending 24 hours in London capturing 100s of images. It will take a while to process my images and once done I will upload to Flickr and update this post.

Fear of the unknown…

My mother in law is having a birthday afternoon tea next Saturday. I have offered to run a photo booth so we can get images of all the friends and family. Should be a lively and fun party. I haven’t done anything like this before. I have the equipment as I have slowly been building up my studio flash equipment and modifiers, but have yet to trying all out in anger. I think I will try out a paramount or clam shell setup.


I plan to use the following:

  • Background stand with grey backdrop cloth
  • Lastolite Lumen8 400 studio flash
  • 140cm octagon softbox
  • Stand with sandbags
  • Silver / white reflector
  • Wireless flash trigger
  • Nikon D7200
  • Nikon 50mm f1.8 D AF Lens
  • Tripod
  • Gaffer tape and clamps
  • Extention lead

It will be good practice and experience for me, but I must admit I am somewhat nervous as I don’t want to make a hash of it. If all goes to plan I will post some of the results after the event.

I would be glad if any readers have experience of running this type of event have any advice.

Photo 24 2016

Another bit of good news this week was that I made the ballot for Photo 24 2016 in London. This will be my 3rd Photo 24, and my friend Christine also made the cut for the 3rd time as well.

This is a 24 hour photo marathon from midday Friday 17th to midday Saturday 8th June 2016 (normally the longest day). During the 24 hours you are free to do as much or as little as you want, dip in dip out. This free event is hosted by Absolute Photo and Nikon School and is great. There are several meet ups organised with themed competitions and the overall winner of the best submitted photo taken during the 24 hours will win a Nikon D500, a very nice prize.

There are also a few extra special organised activities that you can pay for. In the past these have included mini courses or entrance to special places. This year there will be five:

  • Sunset at the Shard
  • Sunset at the Millenium Wheel
  • Night open top bus tour (2am – 4am)
  • Saturday morning boat ride to Greenwich
  • After hours access to Tower Bridge

Christine and I are signing up for the boat trip and the tower bridge experience.

My images from Photo 24 2014 and Photo 24 2015 can be seen on my Flickr site. I hope the weather is kind and the photos good.

A Lovely Surprise

My camera club YCC (Yateley Camera Club) is having its annual exhibition this weekend. There are four panel categories:

  • Open Print
  • Theme Print
  • Open PDI (digital image)
  • Theme PDI (digital image)

I only entered one panel this year (Theme Print) of London  Architectural Landscapes and was surprised to find that I had won the runner up certificate. I am really chuffed as my day started really rotten with delays and cancellations on my train into work (I work in London). Mega stressed start to the day, but a great finish!


Calumet Spring Open Day

On Saturday I went to the Calumet store in Drummond Street London for their Spring Open Day with my brother. A very welcoming event which had a nice buzz of people milling about the store. Various stands were set out with trade reps explaining their products. Discounts varied from 10% to 30% across the board.

After much deliberation I ended up getting the Photospeed Panoramic test pack. This contains 4 sheets of all 6 of the Photospeed Panoramic printer papers that can be used on A4 printers. I have been really been interested in trying these panoramic papers out and the 20% discount offered was perfect. The pack also includes a pack of A4 papers to print and send off for free ICC Printer profiling. I will be taking advantage of this service before I use the panoramic papers.

My brother was impressed by the Manfrotto geared tripod heads and ended up getting the Manfrotto MHXPRO-3WG 3 Way Geared Head. Another 20% saving on this tripod head meant he walked away with a big grin on his face that was hard to shift for the rest of the day. It will be nice to see how he gets on with it once it is fitted to his tripod.

There were also talks, free hot-dogs and a prize draw to enter. This is the first time I had been to one of Calumets in store events, and I will definitely be looking out for others to attend in the future. Highly recommended.