Death and Mortality 3

In June I attended Photo 24 2016 in London. During this photo marathon I was pleased to visit and photograph one of the Magnificent Seven cemeteriesBrompton Cemetery.

This cemetery opened in June 1840 and it is one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries.

It was a wonderful mixture of the wild and the managed. Art, architecture, flora and fauna all rolled into one place. It is only a moments walk from West Brompton Underground Station to the North Lodge entrance. This grand Victorian cemetery is a visual feast and many people were taking advantage of its environs. Free to enter and I highly recommended it to anyone.

I would like to try and visit the other six cemeteries of the magnificent seven:

I can only hope that they are as photogenic as Brompton Cemetery.


Death and Mortality 2

Colours of Death and Mortality

Colours associated with death and mortality vary around world according to race, culture and religion. Please find some listed below:


  • Red is the colour of mourning in South Africa


  • In many Latin and South American cultures, green is the colour of death


  • Blue is the colour of mourning in Korea, Mexico and Iran


  • In many Western cultures, black is the colour of death, mourning and funerals
  • The ancient Egyptians and Romans associated black as the colour of death and mourning


  • In many Eastern cultures, black is the colour of death, mourning and funerals
  • White is the colour of mourning in China
  • In India white is associated with funerals and widows clothing
  • In Japan a white carnation symbolizes death
  • In Korea white is associated with death
  • White is the colour of mourning in Middle East


  • In Thailand purple is associated with widows clothing
  • Purple was carried out as a mourning colour in Brazil as well, alongside black dress
  • In Catholicism purple is a colour of death, mourning and crucifixion


  • Grey is the colour of mourning in Papua New Guinea


  • Yellow is the colour of mourning in Egypt and Burma
  • In the Middle Ages, actors portraying the dead in a play wore yellow
  • In Spain, executioners once wore yellow


  • Brown is the colour of mourning in India

The above list is only based on my investigations and I would be very interested to know from anyone who knows of any other colour associations with death and mortality, either currently relevent or even historically.