On the mend

On the mend and back at work, but taking it steady. It is nice to get things back to a normal pace. Emma my wife has been amazingly supportive as always. Also getting back in the groove with my studies, which makes me happy. The BA in Photography is going to be challenging and I need to regain my focus. As part of my degree studies I have to keep and maintain a study Blog. The link to this is below if anyone is interested:

Perry Tatman Learning Log | Photography 1: Expressing Your Vision

I plan to continue my posts regarding “Death & Mortality” soon.


Back from a very dark place

This time last week I woke with what seemed to be a water infection, but by 20:00 I was so ill that the ambulance had to to be called due to me uncontrollably and violently shaking (toxic shock). This attack subsided after 15 or so minutes. The paramedics said if it was to happen again to call the Dr immediately. Unfortunately for me a second extended attack happened about 06:00 on the Wednesday morning. The Dr advice was for my wife to get me to hospital ASAP. It ended up that I was suffering a urinary tract infection which had spread to the blood, known as urosepsis. Pretty rare in men and pretty dangerous. I then sent the next 5 days in hospital being treated with a variety of intravenous antibiotics.

The hospital staff were professional and attentive, the wards clean, food very good but no peace and quiet to allow me to rest. I was thankfully discharged Sunday afternoon and am now at home resting and recuperating. It is amazing what 2 nights uninterrupted sleep does for ones physical and mental state. Fingers crossed I will be able to get back to work next week if my recovery continues in the same vein.

My wife Emma and my friend and neighbour Nigel were amazing and it must have been just as scary for them witnessing my shaking attacks. I hope nobody who reads this has to go through septicaemia as it is very scary and potentially fatal if not treated promptly.

… beyond the unknown!

Well the photo booth didn’t quite go to plan as I brought everything I needed except my lighting stands!!! What a wally!

However being a inventive chap I cobbled together a lighting stand from my tripod and a lighting boom. It did mean I was restricted to one studio flash, but one was a hell of a lot better than none.

My wifes mum & dad were over the moon with the pictures, however I know that they could be better. Please judge for yourself:

Fred & Judith’s Golden Wedding Anniversary & Judith’s 70th Birthday Party

It was a good experience, everyone was smashing and very enthusiastic. Having the lighting stands and a second light would have helped or someone to assist with a reflector. It was a learning process and I got a lot out of it.

Fear of the unknown…

My mother in law is having a birthday afternoon tea next Saturday. I have offered to run a photo booth so we can get images of all the friends and family. Should be a lively and fun party. I haven’t done anything like this before. I have the equipment as I have slowly been building up my studio flash equipment and modifiers, but have yet to trying all out in anger. I think I will try out a paramount or clam shell setup.


I plan to use the following:

  • Background stand with grey backdrop cloth
  • Lastolite Lumen8 400 studio flash
  • 140cm octagon softbox
  • Stand with sandbags
  • Silver / white reflector
  • Wireless flash trigger
  • Nikon D7200
  • Nikon 50mm f1.8 D AF Lens
  • Tripod
  • Gaffer tape and clamps
  • Extention lead

It will be good practice and experience for me, but I must admit I am somewhat nervous as I don’t want to make a hash of it. If all goes to plan I will post some of the results after the event.

I would be glad if any readers have experience of running this type of event have any advice.

Roller-coaster of a week!

What a roller-coaster of a week, a lot of emotional turmoil…!!

Busy at work and some of my colleagues are v stressed at the moment, so quite a lot of tension there. Though trying my best to keep things up beat.

My mum was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia, but luckily she is stable and undergoing further tests. My dad and brother are making sure she’s OK, but she is likely to be in till at least the middle of next week. Though pleased she is in the best place. I’m working tomorrow so we are popping down to see her on Sunday and take her a few treats.

You may have read in my earlier posts that I had been applying to the Student Loan Company for loan to help me start a BA (hons) Photography with the Open College of Arts (OCA). I have been waiting ages for a response. Then finally this week I was told my application was looking good, then heard today I wouldn’t qualify for the loan. This was a great disappointment, another down.

However after further investigation with the OCA I was pleased to find out that I am able to spread my course payments over the year. This was a bright moment to a dull day. I phoned, paid my deposit and I am now registered to start my first course of the degree next week. So ending the week on an up.

I have just had a face time call with my dad & brother and they said mum is a lot brighter and more comfortable. Dad was also a lot more upbeat, so another up.

I’ll be pleased to get started on my degree course, it is something I have been aiming for since finishing my Level 3 C&G Certificate in Photographic Imaging.

Oh and one last high for the week, three of my images entered for recent Photocrowd Challenges were Expert Commended and on of these was in the top 25% of its challenge.

Thanks for reading a fairly sentimental and personal post, I feel a bit better after sharing it.