Ask me who went on holiday with camera, associated lenses and tripod, then realised that the tripod quick release plate was back at home on his other camera…….what a wally…..never a truer word was spoken!

However technology and modern living to the rescue….ta da!

A quick search on iPad to find that the quick release plate was available on Amazon…bingo. Also available for next day delivery to Amazon locker at holiday site…awesome.

Thanks Amazon…a real lifesaver.

P.S. I had been meaning to get a second quick release plate……honest!

26th Wedding Anniversary

It was Emma and my 26th wedding anniversary yesterday. Time flies so quickly. Very quiet affair, just a nice meal and a quiet evening in. Hard to top our Silver wedding anniversary when we were in Sorrento  this time last year. Please take time to have a look at the images of this trip in my Flickr album. Hopefully find some time over the weekend to pop out to somewhere nice.

Sorrento to Naples
From our hotel in Sorrento looking towards Naples and Vesuvius