On the mend

On the mend and back at work, but taking it steady. It is nice to get things back to a normal pace. Emma my wife has been amazingly supportive as always. Also getting back in the groove with my studies, which makes me happy. The BA in Photography is going to be challenging and I need to regain my focus. As part of my degree studies I have to keep and maintain a study Blog. The link to this is below if anyone is interested:

Perry Tatman Learning Log | Photography 1: Expressing Your Vision

I plan to continue my posts regarding “Death & Mortality” soon.


Deep Joy

I cannot truly express the deep joy I am feeling at the moment to have finally been able to register for, and commit to my studies with the Open College of the Arts (OCA). My BA (Hons) Photography studies start with a course entitled “Expressing your Vision“.

I received my joining email today and there are a few days worth of administration, familiarisation and preparation before I start my course proper. A little time spent getting the groundwork done should make everything  flow a lot smoother in the long run.

I do understand that I have to create and commit to maintaining a learning log which is used by my course tutor to monitor my progress and to help my reflect on my studies and grow as a student. This is part of the reason I created this blog to help me practice.

My 1st ever Blog entry

Dear All,

Welcome to my first ever Blog. Not 100% sure where it is going to go, but I do know that it will be mainly concentrated around photography. I have not been into photography long, only 3 years since I got some money for my 50th birthday to buy my first Digital SLR. Since getting it I have been steadily trying to improve and expand my skill set.

I have not specialised in any particular genre and have covered / tried most forms of photography in the training courses I have attended. Though I am most interested in documentary and street photography. However I have invested in some studio lighting kit and would like to improve my portrait photography.

The trouble is I fit my photography and studies around full time work and family commitments. I do make time but it is never enough in my opinion, but then I am biased LOL.

I will endeavour to share my experiences as I continue and hopefully produce some half decent images. However I have never been a person to keep a diary or use social media (it has just never appealed to me), so blogging is something I will have to get to grips with fairly quickly.

All the best